Why Cadent

We’re very clear about who we are and what we believe in. Importantly, we’re crystal clear that our number one priority as a business is to keep the energy flowing. It’s that simple. And doing it safely, efficiently and in a way that delivers what our customers need is right at the top of our ‘to do’ list.

Everyone who works here shares this commitment too. We know what we do matters. That ever day, we’re all contributing, in our own way to the well-being of the nation, its communities, its businesses and its people. And, that by working together as one team with shared goals and a common purpose we’re enabling life, across the UK, to keep on running smoothly.
This knowledge makes us feel immensely proud.


A Cadent person

We're all unique. However, there are some characteristics and personality traits that ring true for us all. These are the things that unite us and show the world that we’re Cadent through and through.
We are:

  • Hardworking and ambitious. We put 100% commitment into what we do and aim to improve, learn and grow whenever we can
  • Talented experts. We’re good at what we do, because we care about it and want to be the best
  • Supportive and collaborative. We believe in the power of ‘team’. In working together and pulling in the same direction to achieve our goals
  • Driven by the opportunity to grow, innovate and create better, safer tomorrows and todays
  • Excited by the potential that lies ahead, for Cadent the company and our own individual careers
  • Passionate about people, our colleagues and our customers
  • Engaged and involved in our communities, both at work and around us. We always understand the wider impact of what we do

If you share our attitude to work and place importance on the same things we do, then you could become a Cadent person too.