By far the most effective way to attract the very best candidates for your Gas Engineer and Management vacancy is to advertise not only to people who are actively seeking a new job but also those who may not even be looking for one, whose interest can be piqued by a great job offer.

The IGEM Jobs board is great for advertising your quick-to-fill urgent vacancies to highly professional, relevant candidates who are actively seeking a career change but sometimes, if you have more time to recruit, you also need to reach people who are not actively seeking a new job.

To ensure you reach both active and passive job seekers we have introduced new packages that combine an online ad with a printed ad in Gas International magazine. These new packages enable you to reach ALL potential candidates. 

Let us do the work - (you can pay by invoice too)

Once you have decided on the package the best way to place a role is to let our recruitment specialists complete the whole setup for you. From reviewing the ads to uploading the roles for you, they will cast their expert eye over the adverts to ensure they are maximised to attract the very best candidates. You can pay by invoice ( terms), credit/debit card and Paypal.


Simply call us on

0203 9000 147

or email

and your ads will be live in no time.


Do it yourself

The second option is to place the vacancies yourself directly on the Jobs board. There is not an invoice option and you can only post online jobs but you can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal and add the job text yourself.

If you want to book in the magazine you must contact us using the details above so we can reserve space and provide you with further information on ad formats and design.

You can start the process by going here.

You can view our prices here